Sense of Style

I've decided to write about something that's surprisingly important to me and that's clothes.
When I was younger I didn't really care about clothes and what I wore however,  as I've got older I've realized I really so love having my own style. I've always dressed for myself and wore clothes that I like, I like looking different. I think everyone has their own individual style that should be their thing. For example, my friend loves wearing shorts and shirts, tartan and pinafores and I'm not saying no one can wear that but that's what I associate with her sense of style!
I think what's influenced my sense of style is my mum. She's got a beautiful unique collection of clothes from and inspired by the 40s and 50s and she sometimes knows my style better than I do. I remember being in a shop with her and picked up a dress and said "You need to buy this". I wasn't convinced by it but I tried it on and did in fact end up buying it -

I love wearing clothes that are a bit different and I have recently discovered fashion from the beautiful era that is the 60s. What I love about the era is that the clothes are so colourful, so vibrant with beautiful patterns. The 60s clothes are so fun and colourful to wear, and I love how quirky they look. I recently discovered a beautiful online shop called Bright and Beautiful and I may have bought a few things...-

I feel empowered when I put on some winged eyeliner and head out with something comfortable on that I feel confident in. It is strange how something as vain as clothes  can really make a difference and can sometimes make me feel more confident with the way I look. As shallow as it sounds, I love how it contributes to my identity and how everyone has their own unique individual style.


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