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A-Z (ish) of Inspiring Women

Happy International Day of the Woman! Here's a list of Women I want to thank and celebrate for being amazing. I wish I could fit everyone on the list! Hope you enjoy this post. Let me know what you think and tell me who inspires you. Have a brilliant day!
Amanda Abbington - I mean this is no surprise to anyone really is it? But if none of you know, Amanda Abbington is an actress best known for her roles in Mr. Selfridge and Sherlock. She also is an extremely fierce, strong woman who often speaks out about different issues on Twitter whilst speaking about the importance of kindness and decency. I owe her so much, she is incredibly inspiring and has taught me a great deal.  She has been so kind to me. A beautiful, awe-inspiring person. If I grew up to half as amazing as she is, I'll count myself lucky.
Clemmie Hooper - Clemmie is a mother of four daughters, Instagram star, author and midwife. I would love to have a career like hers! She speaks about motherhood and midwifery in …

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