The Creme Egg Café

So I very recently took a trip back down to  my hometown of London for half term. I arrived late on Thursday and the next day I met up with my best friend, Katy. After spending the afternoon together we went to Soho as we had tickets for the "Créme de la creme egg café".
The café it self is a rather small but bright and colourful place, situated on Old Compton Street really near the Prince Edward Theatre.
We arrived half an hour early and joined a rather surprisingly long queue. When the doors opened, a very -almost panto like - enthusiastic café worker came and opened the doors, we got to in first as we had tickets.

The café was adorable and for any crème egg lover, it couldn't be helped to feel a smile on your face. The whole place was themed with yellow, red and purple and had different creme egg themed decorations such a photo frames and articles. My particular favourite was the nest of creme eggs and the creme egg 'eggs-ray!'. 

So we clambered up the steep spiral steps to the café itself, where we sat down at a window seat.
The lovely waitress suggested we ordered two different things to share. Katy ordered a tea and a Creme Egg toasty whilst I had got some water and a brownie.

  Now I've got to admit, I was rather nervous about the toasty, and anyone I told about it would look at me with wrinkled nose and usually said "Eww that sounds rank! Why would you want that?". Let me say right now, it's probably one of the most dirtiest yet nicest things I've ever eaten. It smelt amazing and was piping hot- which was just just what we needed after walking around in the freezing cold. The creme egg inside was melted and gooey. It really did taste like heaven on a plate. The brownie was also amazing but to be honest I could of done with another toasty!
  It does leave you feeling slightly stuffed and sick however that wasn't a problem as we got to go up and mess about in the Ball Pit for ten minutes.

Which felt ridiculously childish but was actually really good fun and it also let us burn of a few calories which meant on the way out we could press the big red button which released a free creme egg to take on our travels.
 Creme Egg Café was really good and enjoyable and a must go for all creme egg fanatics and the money goes to charity so why not go to walk-in café a get yourself a delicious creme egg toasty!


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