Music Review : You by dodie

 Hi all! Thank you so much for everyone's lovely comments on my last blog. As promised this is a more cheerful blog piece than the last one! As not promised it's a little late than promised. (I do apologise it's been a busy week). Just wanted to disclaim that all the opinions below are just my interpretation of the music and the artist's songs. Please let me know what you thought of this blog piece, thank you! :) 

Dorothy Clark is known as dodie. She is a YouTuber and singer/songwriter. She has a vlogging channel called 'doddlevloggle' and has her main channel called 'doddleoddle' and now has two EPs - "Intertwined" and "You".

I'll be blogging about her latest EP "You" because I've been a fan of dodie for about a year. She's the only YouTuber I'm really invested in and love. Her personality, music, what she stands for and talks about inspires me and catches my imagination as she is a very unique and relatable young woman who oozes creativity.

I have a wide range of music tastes, music is very important part of my life and I go through phases but right now I am obsessed with dodie's new EP, 'You'. It is some up in two words if I had to - absolutely GLORIOUS. It is the most beautiful EP. It has everything you could want in a collection of music. I personally think it's better than her first EP as she's just got better and better. Her voice has improved and the added variety of music detail makes every song intricate and emotional in different ways. So I've decided to dissect and analyse each song on the 'You' EP as it's the only way to get my head around this stunning work.

1. In The Middle
First of all, just getting it out there-  WHAT A TUNE. Such a good dancing number, the moment it starts with the beat you're instantly drawn to it. The percussion and different rhythms make it so funky, gorgeous and sexy (well it is about a theoretical threesome after all). The tempo and the drums make it upbeat with the sense of quirkiness. The lyrics are perfectly matched what the artist is trying to get across and the leaps of diminuendos and crescendos between each verse just adds to its glory. It's definitely one of the strongest songs on the EP and I feel it's quite different from a lot of dodie's other songs. It is the perfect song to start the tracklist as it's fun and joyous! 

2. 6/10
The next song is probably the one I relate to the most, possibly out of all of dodie's work let alone just this EP. The lyrics speak truth of feeling like a complete socially anxious burden. It's about feeling pretty average, being nothing special. The strings and simple piano tune give it a nostalgic tone. There's something beautifully sad about it. One of lovliest things about the song is towards the end of it there's voices singing "I know that you don't want me here" over and over again, which kind of represents what it feels like to be a burden. The constant voice in your brain telling you you're not good enough and no one wants you here. However, the voices are dodie and of fans who sent in their recordings which in a way uplifts the song as if to say "we all feel this but we're more than okay and good enough". So even though it's a sad, sobering song there's something hopeful about it too. The song itself is far from the average 6/10, it is beautiful and relatable. 

3. Instrumental 
This short piece is exactly what is says on the tin. It's a stunning instrumental piece. You can hear the La La Lands vibes whilst it has dodie's stamp of design. The beautiful dream- like combination of the strings and piano make it a sweet segway into the next half of the EP with it's eery, romantic sounds. Nothing more to say other than it's just lovely. 

What I love about this song is that dodie has done such an amazing job in creating something so different with the EP version to that of the original she first uploaded onto Youtube. There's a crackle through out the song which gives it a retro feel. It's really interesting because the lyrics are very poignant and sad yet the song is almost upbeat. The almost European - Parisian like features make it romantic yet the song is about a horribly painful breakup. It is an amazing song with minute features that make it unique such as the vocals. It feels very modern yet has a gorgeous vintage sound to it. 

5. Secret For The Mad 
Another song that's quite relatable. She wrote this for a friend who was going through something similar to herself last year - mental health issues. The lyrics are almost reassuring as if she's talking to the listener, making it one of those songs that break your heart and mends it as you get through difficult times. It is a song that has helped me through a lot of struggles. I love how the song at the beginning is very simple piano played song that captures the feelings of the artist. The backing vocals adds to the song bringing, even more, emotion to the song. Towards the end, dodie repeats the lyrics "I promise you it'll all make sense again" whilst the songs builds up and crescendos into a burst of backing vocals which gives me goose bumps as it's almost like that's what the artist wants you to take away from listening to the song. That everything will be okay. It is beautiful and important. It is the most emotional piece on the EP and is cathartic which makes it good for the soul. 

6. Would You Be So Kind 
Ahhh, this is my favourite song on her channel! I love how there are so many different parts to this song- strings, ukelele, percussion etc. It fills my heart with joy. I love how even though the lyrics are bittersweet, it is a happy, go- lucky feel to it which just builds and builds throughout the song. It says to me personally that even though things can and have been shit, that you've been hurt, you can still go on and be happy even if not always, there are always good moments. It is the perfect song to conclude this fantastic EP with. It is a solid, consistent EP and Would You Be So Kind rounds that off brilliantly with its outstanding chorus. As all the other songs it brings an emotional touch to the EP as a whole and is an individual downright ace tune which reflects the artist' experiences and can mend the listener's heart or mend it. Whether you're happy, sad, struggling or stressed, put this on and it'll help some way because it is one of a kind. 


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